Market Access


EPC HealthCare advises suppliers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals on strategic market access issues with SHI and PHI in Germany. We develop for clients Desicion Support Tools - NAVIGATORS, and the Road Maps to Market Access.

We can subsequently realize the operational modular implementation of the strategic road map via the EPC or, if necessary, in cooperation with our selective cooperation partners.

Market Access


The NAVIGATOR is a smart, interactive, software-based tool and opens up a structured path to sustainable market access for providers of medicinal products, medical devices, etc. in the healthcare sector. It contains the knowledge base on the relevant legal foundations, the regulatory framework conditions and the necessary application procedures. It also outlines the key institutions for market access, possible contract models, successful reimbursement strategies and a complete road map for market access.

We have six navigators (in both English and German language versions) to effectively support our clients.

  • Pharmaceutical Discount Contracts
  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products & Companion Diagnostics (ATMP & (CDx))
  • Biologicals-Biosimilars-Biobetters (3-BBB)
  • Cannabis
  • Medical Apps
  • Medical Devices

For more information, please see the NAVIGATORS section.


Roadmap market access

The key to market access for innovative products is a valid roadmap. Which regulations are relevant, which reimbursement channels characterise the outpatient sector and which mechanisms dominate the hospital sector?

The roadmap provides an overview and coordinates the various activities on the way to reimbursement. It supports the participating team with a concerted plan for unrestricted market access and successful reimbursement by the SHI and PHI. At the same time, it shows the different sub-goals and modules as well as existing interdependencies. A well-developed roadmap is a prerequisite for the resource-saving coordination of all important market access modules.


Customized for your product

Basically, the Roadmap Market Access for pharmaceuticals differs considerably from the Roadmap Market Access for medical devices or diagnostics. The primary reason for this is the different legislation in each case. Beyond product categorization, the design of a roadmap depends on whether it is a pre- or post-launch roadmap or even a comprehensive integral roadmap. Depending on the type of roadmap, the respective operative modules are then coordinated and combined.