NAVIGATOR - Biosimilars®


The Market Access Navigator - Biosimilars® is a registered product of EPC HealthCare GmbH. In this Navigator, we divide the market access process of biosimilars into eight modules: Explanation of Terms, Legal foundations, Regulatory Framework, Development Approval, Market, Case Studies, Market Access and Stakeholders.

The main contents include the current status and "real world data" of biosimilars on the market, summary and interpretation of relevant laws and regulations of biosimilars, clarification of rules and approaches for biosimilars access to the EU, comparison of biosimilars access to the EU, the US and Japan, three comprehensive case studies on biosimilars market access, introduction to and management of stakeholders.

The principle of the EPC-NAVIGATOR makes it easier to delve deeply into a complex topic such as biosimilars, as the topic is presented interactively rather than linearly. The user can switch directly between the modules and/or go directly deeper into a specific topic field. The information goes from the surface with each NAVIGATOR level further in depth until finally reaching the original sources.