NAVIGATOR - Cannabis®


The Market Access Navigator - Cannabis® is a protected product of EPC HealthCare GmbH. In this navigator we divide the market access process of cannabis into eight modules: legal foundation, regulatory framework, indications for cannabis, cannabis products, stakeholders, payers, the German cannabis market and literature.

The content mainly includes legal regulations and guidelines for cannabis and its products, details on the use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes, introduction to access to reimbursement by health insurance companies and "real world data" for medical cannabis on the German market, introduction to and management of stakeholders.

The principle of the EPC-NAVIGATOR makes it easier to delve deep into a complex topic like cannabis, as the topic is not presented in a linear way but interactively. The user can switch directly between modules and/or go directly deeper into a specific topic field. The information goes from the surface with each NAVIGATOR level further in depth to the original sources.