Cannabis Consulting


EPC HealthCare advises companies with a focus on market access and the strategic orientation of access to the cannabis market. This includes all relevant market segments from BtM to NEM.

We accompany this exciting market development in close cooperation with our partner Institut TakeCare GmbH and INSIGHT Health GmbH & Co KG. Each of the three partners concentrates on different focal points in the cannabis market. The whole is then more than the sum of the individual parts!

cannabis consulting


Cannabis is evolving from an outlawed narcotic, a drug fought fiercely for many years, into a valuable medicine for a number of serious diseases. In addition, the first countries (Canada, Luxembourg and several US states) have legalised the use of cannabis.

The spectrum of cannabis products ranges from finished pharmaceuticals to "magistral products" to NEM and novel food products. Some of the first consumer products with cannabis as an ingredient are also available.




EPC HealthCare focuses on market monitoring, supply reality issues and patient access to the cannabis market. It publishes market research reports on various topics. In addition, EPC HealthCare publishes the MONITOR Cannabis in Germany and - together with INSIGHT Health GmbH - the Report - Cannabis Market in Germany.

The MONITOR Cannabis in Germany from 2019 (data status: July 2019) is available via the link below. The dynamic environment of the cannabis market requires regular updates of the information.







The Business Report for Medical Cannabis in Germany provides a comprehensive overview of facts and figures of the German cannabis market. A version of the 2020 data status is available free of charge. Please contact us via our contact form if you are interested or have questions about current products.

In addition, we publish a specialized REPORT for the topics of cannabis flowers, cannabis extracts and innovative forms of cannabis application.