NAVIGATOR - Discount Contracts®


The Market Access Navigator - Discount Contracts® is a protected product of EPC HealthCare GmbH. In this Navigator, we divide the market access process of rebate contracts into eight modules: Background, Types of Contracts, Tendering Procedure, Case Studies, Market Access, Market, Stakeholders and Literature.

The NAVIGATOR Rebate Contracts provides deep insights into the management of open house rebate contracts as well as into the complex management of semi-exclusive 2- to 3-partner rebate contracts and finally for exclusive 1-partner rebate contracts. Furthermore, insights into innovative rebate contract models such as risk-sharing, capitation or pay4performance rebate contracts will be provided.

The principle of EPC-NAVIGATOR makes it easier to delve deep into a complex topic such as rebate contracts, as the topic is not presented in a linear way but interactively. The user can switch directly between the modules and/or go directly deeper into a specific subject area. The information goes from the surface with each NAVIGATOR level further in depth to finally the original sources.