RaMoni – Rebate contract monitoring

The management of rebate contracts, especially of a whole bunch of rebate contracts is not an easy task. Each contract is different! The parameters in the rebate contract are rarely the same. In each phase of the lifecycle of a rebate contract other aspects are important. After the identification of an interesting bid & tender, the design of a winning offer and the start of the rebate contract the focus of activities shifts towards controlling and continuous assessment of the overall profitability of the rebate contract. Adaptations of reference prices interfere with running rebate contracts and initiate further actions. Over the whole contract period the delivery of the rebate product has to be managed and monitored, for any shortfalls have dramatic consequences for the manufacturer.

The documentation-file and many Excel-tables flank the event. It happens easily that you lose the overview when you have many different contracts with a variety of products and payers. This may lead to a situation where you don’t manage your contracts proactive anymore but rather get managed by the contract negotiations. To counter this threat, the solution is RaMoni.

The essential modules of the software RaMoni in a nutshell:

  1. Master data administration
  2. Documentation and management of the contract
  3. Tender support and documentation
  4. Proposal simulation and submission of a tender
  5. Interdependences with reference prices
  6. Integration of the INSIGHT Health data
  7. Controlling of rebate invoices from sick funds
  8. Assessment of the overall profitability of closed rebate contracts
  9. Planning of future tenders
  10. Analysis, statistics and reporting


RaMoni is available for clients as a license or the client may buy the complete software. If you don´t intend to buy or license RaMoni, EPC HealthCare offers to manage your rebate contracts with RaMoni as a full services offer.



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