Early benefit assessement § 137h SGB V

Support for the §§ 137e and h process for medicinal products of a high risk class

Submitters of such an application can be…

  • Producers of a medicinal product, on whose usage the technical utilization of a new method of examination or treatment is based on
  • Companies that offer new methods and that have an economical interest in a reimbursement through the health insurance

At the turn of the year, the BMG has adopted the Medizinproduktemethodenbewertungsverordnung (MeMBV), and thereby determined the criteria for the selection of the methods that should be used in an early benefit assessment. In its code of procedure from the 17th of march 2016, the G-BA additionally regulates the procedure for the assessment of methods with medicinal products of the high risk classes. Thereby, the foundations for the prelude of the early benefit assessment with the NUB procedure, starting in autumn 2016, were implemented.


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