Monitoring der Produkteinführung

A 360° monitoring of all activities around a new product launch. The earliest detection of arising problems and the targeted optimization of them. The timely reaction to a only slow or retarded market diffusion of the new product after launch for pharmaceuticals and/or medical devices.

Basically the launch of a new product - especially the first and the two following years - are of high importance for the products life cycle. Beyond that, by concentrating many resources only on the marketing and sales of this product, launches are highly cost intensive. If a fast and sustainable market penetration despite the massive investment fails, it rarely can be achieved in later periods, and only with much higher costs. Following this, the launch of a product defines success or failure, except for rare successful relaunches in later life cycle periods.


Monitoring der Produkteinführung

The methodical approach for the Radar Launch Supports development is based on quantitative and qualitative market research. Furthermore classical tools and techniques from controlling, planning and forecasting come into effect. The spectrum of methods is completed by scenario-development and field research to specific topics. Another core-element of Radar Launch Support are deviation analyses between strategy and reality and forecasts based on that.

The Radar Launch Support is not a fully standardized product, but has to be adjusted to the indication, the prime care sector and the specific use of the product. Thus, the spectrum of the radar screen differs from case to case.

Central fields of observation of RADAR Launch Support are AD-efficiency, market performance, the dimension of successful market access and the depiction of benefit/added benefit in an appropriate value story or value dossier.

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