Audit Market Access

Market access departments are the fastest growing functions in pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. The corporations invest heavily and dedicate costly resources in the growth and extension of this strategical relevant function. Nevertheless they lack a good feeling about this investments. The spectrum of market access department ranges from a one-man staff function to a fully-fledged department with several hierarchies, external field force and a yearly double digit budget. Beyond the national level of market access there are often especially in global players European or even global market access functions in place.

EPC Audit

By benchmarking and scoring the market access area the client can obtain an objective view over his entrepreneurial department. Solutions for the following issues are in focus of the audit & rating market access: Right dimension chosen? Proper employee tableau? Suitable budget? Presence of necessary skills and responsibilities? Prepared for the current market situation or already deficiencies regarding the quantitative and/or qualitative dimension of the market access field? What about the sustainability of the division? What has to be changed to stay successful in the next five years? Which tasks should be done in-house and which should be outsourced?


The three modules of the market access audit are combined modules for they build to a certain extent on each other. But the module 1 may be applied as a “stand alone” module.

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