Contracts (rebate and supply contracts)

Regular rebate contracts (§ 130a Abs. 8 SGB V) and the management of tenders are an important part of our range of services. We provide all building blocks for the management of rebate contracts. From the identification of bids to the controlling of contracts. In addition, we create “smart rebate contracts” such as capitation, pay 4 performance or risk share for patent-protected products in order to accelerate market access. We also offer contracts for reimbursement amounts or partial reimbursement – for example of medical devices. Beyond drug contracts, we develop contracts for integrated care (§140a SGB V).
At the corporate level, we develop integral contract strategies for the corporate product portfolio.


Contract strategy

Today, direct agreements are establishing themselves as an independent sales channel and are also becoming indispensable catalysts in market access for new products. Innovative direct contracts accompany products throughout their entire life cycle, i.e. from launch to patent expiration. A consistent contract strategy is the indispensable platform for this. However, most companies lack a systematic approach or an integral contract strategy across the entire portfolio.


The perspective of a sustainable contract strategy usually ranges from two to four years. The contract strategy includes the current market portfolio on the one hand and the expected new launches on the other. Patent expirations of products on the market or other frictions or impacts over the next four years are also taken into account.

Rebate and direct contract competency

Due to the AMNOG, certain forms of innovative contract models (capitation, risk-sharing and pay 4 performance contracts) were explicitly introduced into the SGB V, and the pharmaceutical and medical device industries were explicitly named in the law as contractual partners for new forms of health care in accordance with § 140a SGB V.

The contract strategy is developed in a joint effort by a team of experts from the company and with the support of the EPC HealthCare. Workshops, structured questionnaires and further analyses are used.