NAVIGATOR rebate contracts

This new Navigator is now available for the first time. It follows the design principles of the well-known Navigators from EPC HealthCare. The Navigator rebate contracts gives all details about bid & tenders, about TED, information, data, facts and background knowledge about the rebate contract market in Germany.

The most relevant modules of the Navigator rebate contract in a nutshell:

  • Relevant EU regulations and directives
  • Tenders Electronic Daily – TED
  • German and European procurement law
  • VOL/A and VOL/B
  • Rebate contracts for generics
  • Rebate contracts for biosimilars
  • Rebate contracts for original pharmaceuticals without patent
  • Rebate contracts for patented pharmaceuticals
  • Rebate contracts for parenteral preparations
  • Rebate contracts for vaccinations
  • Case studies
  • All relevant institutions

The Navigator rebate contracts enables the pharmaceutical manufacturer to appraise his chances and risks as well as pros and cons for rebate contracts as a market access tool for the German pharmaceutical market, no matter what kind of drug he has in his portfolio. With this navigator, the manufacturer can choose the right contract for his specific product and learns everything, from the tender to the conclusion of contract.

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