Reference price calculations and simulations

Holistic strategical consulting in the field of reference prices and the calculation of reference prices as well as analysis and prognosis of reference prices for new and existing reference price groups.

Our reference price consulting considers itself as holistic, strategic consulting in the field of reference prices. It touches the procedure of the proceedings, including the corresponding possibilities of interventions and response, as well as the concrete calculation and simulation of prospective reference prices. The fundament of our reference price consulting is our experience gained by numerous reference price calculations and the historic decisions.


Reference prices are influenced by the respective reference price grade, the type of group building, the reflection of benefit of the pharmaceuticals among themselves as well as the price and quantity proportions.

We counsel our clients in all procedural steps and offer, beside the strategic consulting, the prognosis and simulation of reference prices on the basis of current market- and prescription data. Opportunities of price- and sensitivity analysis of our reference price calculator complete our offering.

The results are shown in a short report, including an executive summary in MS Word, in which the most important strategic recommendations are laid down. An easy ascertain ability of the relevant control variables is achieved through a graphic presentation of the relevant parameters.

Dr. Christoph von Rothkirch

Dr. Christoph von Rothkirch
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