Market Access

National Market Access is much more than just a value dossier for the G-BA or a cheap reimbursement at the SpiBu. The guarantee of being reimbursed in the in- and outpatient sector is another key to the success of a product. Adequate segmentation into supply sectors and positioning, aswell as different application procedures (NUB, OPS, ICD, DRG or EBM, etc.) are covered by this.

There are different regulations for medical devices and diagnostics than for pharmaceuticals which leads to different market access strategies. The same holds for innovative gene-expression tests, while other parameters and access-mechanisms are in place.

According to the product category (pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic) a national market access strategy has to be built and structured. Vital for the success of the national market access are a systematic analysis of market access barriers on different levels and the development of a specific road map.

EPC HealthCare has broad and in-depth experience about the conception and realization of complex market access strategies and programs (RoadMap) for prescription drugs, OTC products, diagnostics including gene expression tests as well as for orphan drugs and ATMP’s.

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