Contract Strategy

Many companies recognize the increasing importance in the field of rebate contracts and particularly of innovative direct contracts nowadays. Nevertheless a systematic approach respectively an integral contract strategy throughout the whole portfolio is missing in most companies.

The time perspective of a sustainable contract strategy usually lasts two to four years into the future. It contains the current market portfolio on the one hand and on the other hand the expected innovations or patent expiries of products on the market. Other frictions or impacts of the following four years are taken into account.


Nowadays direct contracts have been established as an independent distribution channel and furthermore they become an indispensable catalyzer in the market access for new products. Products are accompanied by innovative direct contracts during the whole life cycle, i.e. from the product launch until the patent expiry. An inherently consistent contract strategy is an indispensable platform for this purpose.

With the implementation of the AMNOG specific characteristics of innovative contract models (Capitation-, Risk-Sharing- and Pay 4 Performance-contracts) were established explicitly in the SGB V. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies as well as companies for medical devices were permitted explicitely to become a contract partner for new forms of healthcare in accordance with § 140 SGB V.

The contract strategy is developed collectively by a team of experts of the company and with support of EPC Healthcare GmbH. Workshops, structured questionnaires and further analysis are used to develop the contract strategy.

Use innovative direct contracts as an innovative and additional distribution channel. Use your contract strategy for a positive and sustainable position towards the payers in the fields of the SHI and PHI. Use your contract strategy to represent your company towards the healthcare providers, for example physician networks, in a positive way. Apply your contract strategy to support your force-products throughout the whole life cycle.

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